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A portfolio of excellent data journalism

The Guardian’s Data Blog is a tool I peruse frequently to keep up to date with data journalism and I recommend that anyone interested in Online Journalism does the same.

While looking at their Flickr page for Data Journalism, there are some stunning examples of what data sets can look like if they are pushed to their boundaries and even mimic professional graphic design pieces.

A dataset showing why we share online content to other users. Photo: Lexis Agency, a PR company

This one really stood out for me in terms of design and content. While not necessarily an example of journalism, it is an infographic that quickly and eye-catchingly shows a message – Is this not a fundamental element upon which journalism relies on?

With most of us having hurried lifestyles, we want to be shown a message, even an answer, rapidly so we can base an opinion around it. I by no means suggest that this is everybody’s lifestyle but I definitely know that I would rather see data in an innovative manner than in an Excel spreadsheet.

So, the way we present details and messages are important.

How can we best do it?

1) Be innovative

2) Use bold colours when necessary, otherwise stick to pastel shades (as shown here)

3) Make use of the free tools available such as  Google Fusion Tables,Many Eyes, Google Charts or Timetric

4) Have an eye for design


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